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Bloom Zine focuses on Entrepreneur Lifestyle. Some things you can expect in each issue: Entrepreneurial Podcast Picks, Entrepreneur book picks selected by high-ranking entrepreneurs, WFH style picks, Workspace Must Haves, Small Business Grants Directory, Growth & Networking Event Directory, Travel locations with remote work perks, Best and Latest Tools & Resources Curation, and the list goes on. It's the newsletter all Entrepreneurs, or potential entrepreneurs have been waiting for. It's business, meets working on a Jamaican beach with a delicious cocktail, just living your best digital nomad life.

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Q4 Is Official Networking Event Season, Here's What You Need To Attend - Bloom Zine Issue #5

Issue #5 - October 9, 2023 The perfect cure for the Q4 Slug: Networking Events We are back to Q4 season. You're probably starting to experience increased day dreaming, lack of motivation, sudden urges for Starbucks and outdoor walks :) Listen, it happens. We've worked hard all year long. And while we all want to finish the year off with a bang, it can't be the only thing we pour into this quarter. Q4 is also a key time to set ourselves up for another successful year of business. Which means...
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about 2 months ago • 4 min read

Entrepreneurship and The Travel Perks You Didn't Know You Can Have - Bloom Zine Issue #4

Issue #4 - September 10, 2023 Entrepreneurship Comes With Special Travel Rewards If you ask most entrepreneurs why they chose to leave their 9 to 5's to start their own venture, they'll tell you, "Because I wanted the freedom to be my own boss." While that is definitely a damn good reason to go into entrepreneurship, there's another huge reason why: there are countless travel perks, special programs and discounts, travel packages, etc for remote workers worldwide! Basically, there's this...
3 months ago • 7 min read

Everything You Need To Write Your Book, And Elevate Your Rank - Bloom Zine Issue #3

Issue #3 - August 16, 2023 It Is The Easiest And Best Time Ever To Write And Publish Your Book It used to be challenging and rigorous to write a book and have it published. Some people may say, "it only happens if you know someone in publishing, and they connect you". Perhaps it used to be that way, but certainly not anymore. There are far too many platforms to self publish your book, indie or niche driven publishing agencies, digital publishing platforms and templates, editing AI tools, and...
4 months ago • 6 min read

Bloom Zine Issue #2 - I Can Scale How Fast With These Entrepreneur Online Communities?!

Issue #2 - August 1, 2023 Serial Entrepreneurs, You're Mighty, But You Can't Succeed Alone If you're an entrepreneur, there is no doubt you were just born with that "it factor"-- you're a natural leader, you're very creative, your perspective on all elements of life are very different from others'. But, most of all, you have it ingrained in you that you can move mountains by yourself. I'm not saying you're not a strong AF entrepreneur, but you're not a super hero. You are human. And no...
4 months ago • 8 min read

Bloom Zine Issue 1: Doing THIS Is What Will Give You Authority As An Expert In Your Niche

Issue 1 - July 18, 2023 Welcome to the first issue of Bloom Zine! I am so excited to launch this amazing project. I am truly putting a lot of myself into this publication, as I am very passionate about it. My hope is to help, inspire, and change some lives with the content featured in this newsletter. Entrepreneurship has allowed me to live to truly live, not live to work. I see so many women limiting themselves daily, when they have so many skills and potential to liberate themselves through...
5 months ago • 6 min read
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