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Bloom Zine Issue 1: Doing THIS Is What Will Give You Authority As An Expert In Your Niche

Published 8 months ago • 6 min read

Issue 1 - July 18, 2023

Welcome to the first issue of Bloom Zine! I am so excited to launch this amazing project. I am truly putting a lot of myself into this publication, as I am very passionate about it. My hope is to help, inspire, and change some lives with the content featured in this newsletter. Entrepreneurship has allowed me to live to truly live, not live to work. I see so many women limiting themselves daily, when they have so many skills and potential to liberate themselves through entrepreneurship.

Bloom Zine will empower those fearful of taking that first step into entrepreneurship, and help current entrepreneurs advance at lightening speed.

You Might Think You're An Expert, But You're Not

You majored in a specific area in college, then got your Masters degree in a deeper level of whatever you got your Bachelors in. You now walk out claiming you are an expert in that area. OR, you got your Bachelors in a niche subject, then took a few Masterclasses within that niche, and then claim you're an expert. The examples of education, training methods, learning channels can go on forever.

But, guess what? You're not an expert. Information can expire after a certain amount of time. New advances in tech, information, media, communications, ecommerce, etc. arrive daily. AND, there will always be someone out there who is doing what you want to do, and absolutely nailing it.

Years ago, I was one of those people that claimed I was an expert in my field just because I majored in that area, and worked various internships in that field. But, after some time I realized that a true "expert" is someone who never stops willingly learning.

There is no way you can be an expert if you're not keeping up with new breakthroughs, strategies, and resources in your field. This means always researching and learning the latest and greatest within your "expertise".

Some of my favorite ways to do this is by listening to new podcast episodes from other relatable experts/entrepreneurs, reading books written by niche experts, staying active on Twitter to see what others in my field are experiencing, newly creating, or even which events they suggest attending. I also follow many Youtube channels that focus on tutorials, deep dives, expert interviews, reviews, or strategy breakdowns within my field. These are just a few methods to always continue learning, and blooming. There are endless options to continuously grow your expertise. It's just a matter of how you learn best, and what fits into your schedule.

As an entrepreneur, you are doing a big disservice to yourself if you only operate from whatever you learned in college, or some online courses. If you truly want to be successful, and be at the top of your industry, you must continuously seek new education, skills, and wisdom. If not, you will just remain stagnant in your career.

So, make sure to always keep learning the very latest and greatest. It's how you will bloom endlessly as an entrepreneur. It's simple, if you pour into yourself, you can then pour more into your business, and the reward is distinguishing your business from all the rest in your industry.



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That's all for this issue. It was insanely good, right! Join us again next time! Don't forget to share this newsletter with your entrepreneur friends!

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