Issue #3 - August 16, 2023

It Is The Easiest And Best Time Ever To Write And Publish Your Book

It used to be challenging and rigorous to write a book and have it published. Some people may say, "it only happens if you know someone in publishing, and they connect you". Perhaps it used to be that way, but certainly not anymore. There are far too many platforms to self publish your book, indie or niche driven publishing agencies, digital publishing platforms and templates, editing AI tools, and more! Heck, there is even AI to do PR for your book! Having the whole package to write, publish, and promote your book are in full abundance right now.

If you have been playing around with the idea of writing a book for years, months, stop wasting time. Right now is the absolute best time to finally write the book you've been dreaming about.

As an entrepreneur, no other method will give you better authority in your expertise, than a published book. It also works as a grand domino effect. Once you have a published book under your name, the opportunities that will arrive will be endless.

In today's Bloom Zine, we'll help you get started with incredibly valuable connections and resources to finally make you a published author!

Two very valuable and incredible people you must know and follow for the success of your your book writing and publishing journey...


"After writing and releasing my first book, The Less Effect in March of 2018 which became a #1 Bestseller, I fell in love with the process and immediately knew this was my calling. Birthing my story was the most cathartic experience I had ever had and the transformations that have occurred with my author clients since then is nothing like I’ve ever seen in all my years of life coaching.

When I embarked on my path as a writing coach, I quickly realized the importance of creating a partnership with our clients through this very delicate and sacred process. I noticed a lack of transparency and sensitivity with many of the mainstream publishing companies and I knew I wanted to create something different. Shortly after, Landon Hail Press was born.

If you are ready to dive into your story and heal yourself and others with your beautiful words, we are here to guide you every step of the way."


Anna David is the New York Times bestselling author of eight books and founder of Legacy Launch Pad Publishing. She has appeared repeatedly on Today, The Talk, Good Morning America and numerous other programs and been a featured speaker at three different TedX events.

At Legacy Launch Pad, she helps helps her clients achieve similar results. Since its inception, Legacy Launch Pad has published over 50 books, many of which have become Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestsellers. As a result of their books, Legacy Launch Pad clients have landed on TEDx stages and in mainstream media and have added hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line.

Make Writing and Publishing Your Book Easy, Seamless, and Successful, with These Tools

Writing and publishing your book can be an easy journey, as long as you use the right resources and tools. And with so many advances in AI, and digital platforms today, the time is NOW for writing that book you've been dreaming about. Here are my top picks:


Create & self publish your book for free! Quality and affordable custom book printing at your fingertips with their international Print-On-Demand network. Check Lulu out here.

Visionary Literary

Learn more about Visionary Literary here. You can also join their incredibly valuable newsletter (spoiler: I signed up, and absolutely love it). Build trust with your prospective clients by sharing your business story. This free newsletter shows you how to DIY a professional book that's available across the globe. Sign up here.

Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle Direct Publishing, or KDP, is Amazon’s self-publishing platform that allows authors to sell their books to Amazon’s massive audience — without the hassle of going through a traditional publishing company.

With KDP, you can publish your own ebook or paperback on Amazon for free, where it will be available digitally to the millions of Amazon shoppers who use Kindle readers. With Amazon’s free print-on-demand service, you can also offer your customers a physical paperback copy of your book. Check out KDP here.

Draft 2 Digital

Draft2Digital gives authors and publishers the tools they need to format their books and distribute them online, worldwide, to retailers like Apple Books, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and many more. You'll also get your books into libraries and subscription services. And we're not just talking ebooks. D2D Print is our Print on Demand (POD) service, with features that include layout templates and automated end matter. Check out Draft 2 Digital here.


Reedsy is a platform that allows you to connect with designers, editors, translators, and marketers who have extensive experience in the publishing space.

Reedsy has freelancers for just about every step of the publishing process: there are editors and designers, translators, book marketers, website designers, book marketers, book reviewers, and even book publicists. Reedsy launched in November of 2014, making it an experienced and well-rounded marketplace. Check out Reedsy here.

Barnes & Noble Press

Barnes & Noble Press is Barnes & Noble's innovative self-publishing platform where independent publishers and authors can find everything they need to publish both print and digital books for customer purchase, or print beautiful books for personal use. Barnes & Noble Press allows users to easily upload their book and make it available for purchase on, on NOOK devices and in stores. Users can also monitor sales on a daily basis with enhanced reporting tools. With no delivery fees or production costs, B&N Press is free to use from start to finish, and provides users with instant access to millions of readers at and Check out Barnes & Noble Press here.


Founded in 2011, BookBaby has grown to become the nation’s leading self-publishing company. BookBaby has created the world’s largest eBook and printed book distribution network for self-published authors around the globe and distributes books in over 170 countries through more than 100+ retail stores and distributors, including Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, Kobo, and wholesale networks including Baker & Taylor and Ingram. BookBaby offers a full array of publishing services, including eBook conversion and cover design, book printing, formatting, and Print On Demand services. Check out BookBaby here.


Did you know there are beautiful resorts that offer packages with special perks exclusively for remote workers?! No better life than the digital nomad life. Check this article out, and reserve your pick! A perfect opportunity to get some rest, and focus time to write that book of yours!

Have The Book Launch And Success of Your Dreams With This PR Team

At PR by the Book, they help authors elevate their relevancy and create buzz. They do that through The Road to Influence, their suite of services that go well beyond traditional PR. Whether you’re sitting on a bestseller or your first literary endeavor, they have a solution that fits your needs.

The perfect publishing guide to market your book leading up to release and create continual book sales long after publication...

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the long list of marketing you may have ahead, so make your life easier by using a planner to strategize your book release. My Book Launch Planner is your secret to book publishing success. Full of templates, checklists, worksheets, and more, you can keep track of everything about your book release in one place.

In this planner:

  • Worksheets to help you identify your book’s market
  • Publishing to-do lists
  • Lists of marketing methods
  • 3 types of book launch timelines
  • Goal setting sheets
  • Expense tracker
  • Outsourcing worksheets
  • Cover reveal templates
  • Street team templates
  • Advanced reader copy templates
  • Instagram marketing templates
  • Bookstore outreach templates
  • Release day to-do list

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