Issue #4 - September 10, 2023

Entrepreneurship Comes With Special Travel Rewards

If you ask most entrepreneurs why they chose to leave their 9 to 5's to start their own venture, they'll tell you, "Because I wanted the freedom to be my own boss." While that is definitely a damn good reason to go into entrepreneurship, there's another huge reason why: there are countless travel perks, special programs and discounts, travel packages, etc for remote workers worldwide! Basically, there's this giant red carpet in the most beautiful resorts, destinations, restaurants, etc, JUST for people like YOU! Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don't know about all of these travel perks they can enjoy just for being a remote worker.....until NOW....let's get started with Issue #4 of Bloom Zine...

Remote Tribe

Remote Tribe is your passport to a new world - a thriving online community of digital nomads, remote workers and world travelers who are transforming work into a force for good. Their network spans the globe, yet feels as close as family. Together, they are solving the challenges of taxes, visas, and income through our insider guides. They're discovering remote paradise destinations and sharing hard-won lifestyle hacks. Above all, they're proving you can build a successful, purpose-driven career without chaining yourself to an office. Remote Tribe isn't just a community - it's a glimpse into the future of work.

Digital Nomads Daily

Digital Nomads Daily connects different ideas on designing your lifestyle and working remotely. Their mission is to help everyone who seeks a life with more balance, creativity, growth, and freedom.

They collect answers to daily questions about remote work and the nomad lifestyle through interviews with digital nomads.

Their focus is to bring you the voices and stories of people living a laptop lifestyle from home or an enriching travel destination. Their content is Informational, Motivates their audience, and offers different Perspectives. The content is Authentic and creates Curiosity, and is always Trustworthy.

Nomad Girl

Nomad Girl inspires you with travel-related content from their destination reports, travel tips and what to pack and bring on your long term trips. Nomad Girl also has guides on jobs that you can take abroad to fund your travels.

Two very valuable and incredible people you must know and follow to master the art of nailing entrepreneurship, and its travel perks simultaneously.


I started Waves of Change to drive change within the tourism industry as I believe that travel has the power to be a force for good, fostering positive impacts on workplaces, personal lives, businesses and the world at large. I started Waves of Change because of my own transformative journey through travel. As I explored different parts of the world, I experienced the dual nature of travel - its incredible potential to enrich lives, workplaces and the world, but also its concerning challenges like over-tourism and environmental impact. This realization ignited a strong desire within me to drive positive change within the travel industry. Through Waves of Change, I provide guidance, expertise, and actionable strategies to businesses and travelers, enabling them to embrace positive travel practices and make a meaningful impact on themselves and the world.


Let’s create, launch, and sell out your next most profitable retreat with ease.

Budgeting, choosing the location, thinking about all the logistics, and marketing your retreat can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to!

Inside of the immersion, I am going to how you exactly how to dot it all, step by step until we are celebrating your next Sold Out Retreat.

The Best Co-working Spaces For Digital Nomads Abroad

If you’re keen to work and travel around the world as a digital nomad, then you’ll probably be interested in reading more about the best coworking spaces in the world. BONUS: Some of these Co-working spaces are also Co-living spaces.

When it comes to digital nomadism, coliving has grown rapidly in popularity. Coliving is more than just a convenient way of organizing accommodation and coworking facilities while traveling. It’s a trendy new sub-culture that creates opportunities for networking, learning and meeting new people while working and traveling abroad.

Outpost - Bali, Indonesia

Outpost in Ubud is an exquisite coliving space that is a popular remote working destination. Outpost is located near to many cultural attractions and Balinese temples as well as the well-known Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, yoga studios and gyms.

Sun & Co. - Javea, Spain

Many of Spain’s small towns are opening their arms to digital nomads, which makes it a desirable country in which to work and travel.

Founded in 2015, Sun & Co. offers a Mediterranean coworking and coliving experience that aims to enhance personal and professional growth. To date, over 800 guests with 47 different nationalities have stayed here with over 325 community events being organized.

Coconat - Berlin, Germany

Located on the outskirts of Germany’s capital city, Berlin, Coconat is an outdoor lover’s paradise offering a wide range of activities and complete with an orchid, forest, campsite, library, sauna, pub and coworking hub.

The underlying values of Coconat include being focused on creating a positive impact on the world through sustainable tourism based on workation, coworking and coliving.

U-Co Mexico - Mexico City

U-Co offers a range of coliving and coworking spaces across Mexico – from Guadalajara, Tequila Oaxaca de Juarez and Mexico City. Their shared housing options give travelers and digital nomads a soft landing in a new city, where everything is provided and where you can feel at home. Choose between private or shared rooms and enjoy all the facilities you need to live comfortably.

SunDesk - Taghazout, Morocco

Sun Desk’s coworking and coliving space in Taghazout, Morocco, is the perfect location for digital nomads and location independent professionals to get an authentic Moroccan lifestyle experience. Taghazout also happens to be a world-renowned surfing spot with lots of great beaches.

Dojo Bali, Canggu, Indonesia

Dojo Bali is a coworking and coliving space that has created a real community of entrepreneurs and digital workers from around the world. It aims to be a home away from home and to inspire positive social and environmental change, as well as a community of passionate and purpose-driven individuals.

Dojo hosts exciting and inspiring events and networking sessions, and is located close to the famous Echo Beach which is a well-known surf spot. The house has a lush tropical garden, a pool, fast internet, air conditioning, conference rooms, a coworking space, a cafe and a range of accommodation options to suit different budgets.


I talked to Margaux Carel, Founder of Waves of Change. She is a Travel Coach & Consultant, and Hybrid/Remote Work, Nomad Life Expert. It goes without saying, Margaux is absolutely changing the game for remote workers and their lifestyle, while also transforming them into the best versions of themselves for their personal and career lives.

Colive Fukuoka Japan - October 1 - October 31, 2023

Introducing COLIVE FUKUOKA, an immersive experience for digital nomads, launching in Japan this October 2023. Set in the vibrant city of Fukuoka in Kyushu, this month-long event, backed by, Fukuoka City, and Fukuoka Tourist Convention Bureau, blends culture, connectivity, and collaboration for remote workers worldwide.

Participants will delve into Japan’s rich culture and history while living in Fukuoka’s bustling Tenjin area. The event encourages collaboration and cross-border innovation among digital nomads, tackling challenges in areas like tourism and startups.

Nomad Island Fest - Madeira, Portugal - December 7 - 13, 2023

The Nomad Island Fest is more than just your typical convention. Rather than it being set in a stadium from the center of the city, it will be in sunny Portugal, where you won’t only have access to talks from top-class industry experts. You’ll also have the chance to explore and immerse yourself in the gorgeous sites of Madeira Island, giving you a taste of work-life balance.

This week-long event will be filled with activities focused on business growth and personal development. Learn to build business strategies, how to generate monthly recurring income, scaling your business, mastering public speaking, and more!

Level Up Club Retreat - Madeira, Portugal - December 1 - 7, 2023

Do you have an entrepreneurial mind and want to level up in Business & Life?

Join the Level up Club: Our 7-day Immersive Growth Accelerator retreat in Madeira. Get ready for a life-changing experience, together with like-minded action takers that are highly motivated to step up their game.

Expand your personal and professional growth, nourish body and mind and brainstorm about Marketing, Money, Mindset and way more to expand in 2023.

Running Remote - Lisbon, Portugal - April 22 - 24, 2024

Join the premier conference for remote-first and hybrid teams. Every year, hundreds of companies from around the globe attend our two-day live event to discuss the latest strategies on remote work, company culture, workforce management, and more.

Attend our next event live or virtually to learn and network with C-Level Executives, Founders, VPs and HR leaders.

Their speakers are industry practitioners with extensive experience leading, running, and managing remote-first and hybrid teams. Over 50 experts will share their industry insights, best practices, and learnings with you.

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